Online Elections and Polls with Ranked-Choice Voting

OpaVote allows you to run elections and polls online. You can do a traditional election where voters select a single candidate, a ranked-choice voting election (e.g., STV, IRV, or Condorcet), or a combination of the two.

An OpaVote election uses encryption to ensure that only authorized voters can vote, and an OpaVote poll allows anyone to participate.

You need a Google account to manage an election, and you can create a Google account with your own email address. Small elections are free.

OpaVote elections implement ranked-choice voting with a simple user interface. Voters drag the candidate names to order them on the ballot. Try the example on the left.
You can also do a traditional election, where a voter selects a single candidate. Voters click on a name to select the candidate. Try the example on the right.

OpaVote Users

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